Global Hope for Women and Children Foundation


GAC/AAN Women’s Voice and Leadership Nigeria (WVL-N) Project

GLOHWOC Leads Stakeholders in 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence
  • Addressing gender-based violence/violence against women and girls:
  1. Facilitating access to justice programs and services
  2. Creating awareness within communities and developing mechanism to address these issues
  3. Advocacy for legislations/policies and their implementation
  4. Support for women and girls organizing themselves to address these issues (including safe spaces)
  • Women Economic Justice and Empowerment Programmes
  1. Media engagement
  2. Supporting innovative approaches to women-owned businesses
  3. Facilitating access to markets and credit
  4. Federating women businesses (cooperatives)
  5. Economic/financial literacy
  6. Advocacy actions to government and institutions.

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