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Sustainable Mechanism for Improving Livelihood and Household Empowerment (SMILE) Project (MARCH 2014 TO SEPTEMBER, 2018)

Aim & Objective

To improve the wellbeing of Vulnerable Children (VC) and their Caregivers (CGs);
GLOHWOC recruited, trained and worked with 53 Community Volunteers and 9 Field
Agents; signed MOUs with 6 Health facilities for health interventions and Established Community Improvement Teams across the 9 project communities in Okene LGA.


  • GLOHWOC successfully provided a mix of need-based and age appropriate services to 7,736 Vulnerable Children and 1,823 Households in Okene LGA Kogi State.
  • The services provided included Household Economic Strengthening (HES), HIV prevention, care and support, TB services, nutrition, psychosocial support, child protection and educational supports.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • GLOHWOC setup and built the capacity of the Monitoring and Evaluation
    Department. We are able to capture more relevant and accurate data, in regard to the services offered to a particular beneficiary and services are provided based on needs, each beneficiary has unique ID which has prevented double counting because every beneficiary has various services he or she benefits from which are documented and entered into NOMIS.
  • We are also able to use the analyzed data to make meaningful evidence based
    recommendations to the project staff, beneficiaries, communities, management and other stake holders in regard to the program design and implementation. We are able to identify and incorporate key action points into the project design and implementation to analyze gender related issues, we are able to use the data collected to improve the project design and implementation.



The Community Based Volunteers that worked with GLOHWOC to implement the
USAID/CRS SMILE project are legally registered with Okene Local Government Council as a Community Based Organization. This was done with the intention of
sustaining and building upon the outcomes of the SMILE project. We are mentoring the group for functionality and growth.


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